01.08.2019. 21:35

Megan Markle će dizajnirati odeću, a prihodi će odlaziti humanitarnoj organizaciji za pomoć nezaposlenim ženama.

Megan Markl je gostujuća urednica Voga Foto: Profimedia

Megan Markl definitivno nije obična vojvotkinja. Nakon uređivanja septembarskog izdanja britanskog Voga, ona priprema još jedan neverovatan projekat. Slavna bivša glumica odlučila je da pokrene svoju modnu liniju, a prihodi će odlaziti u humanitarnu organizaciju koja pomaže ženama u nepovoljnim položajima i nezaposlenim ženama koje ulaze ili se vraćaju na radna mesta.

Vojvotkinja od Saseksa je za septembarsko izdanje britanskog Voga napisala da će ta kolekcija da bude prodavana po principu „jedan za jedan model“ odnosno za svaki kupljeni komad drugi će biti doniran u humanitarne svrhe.


Here is a sneak peek of the guest editor letter Meghan has written (full letter on the British Vogue website) – ‘So I asked the question. Actually, I typed and deleted the question several times until I built up the courage to ask the question in question. “Edward… instead of doing the cover, would you be open to me guest editing your September issue?” I sent the text. The ellipsis… the “dot dot dot” that inspires the greatest practice of patience in this digital era.
And then it appeared, EE’s reply: “Yes! I would love for you to be my guest editor.”
Sitting on my sofa at home, two dogs nestled across me, I quietly celebrated when the words appeared on my screen. –

Throughout these pages you’ll find Commonwealth designers, ethical and sustainable brands, as well as features with designers not about clothes but about heritage, history and heirloom. But more than anything, this issue is about the power of the collective. In identifying our personal strengths, it is anchored in the knowledge that we are even stronger together. You will find that spirit of inclusivity on the cover: diverse portraiture of women of varying age, colour, creed, nationality and life experience, and of unquestionable inspiration. These are our forces for change. And among all of these strong women on the cover, a mirror – a space for you, the reader, to see yourself. Because you, too, are part of this collective’ –

And my favourite part of the letter.. ‘I was about five months pregnant when this process began, and by the time you hold this issue in your hands, my husband and I will be holding our three-month-old baby boy in ours’ my heart ❤❤ I LOVE HER

„Smart Works“ organiacija obezbeđuje obuke i odeću za intervjue nezaposlenim ženama, a do sada je pomogla više od 11.000 žena.

– Nije stvar u tome da donirate odeću, već u tome da smo zajedno u međusobnom uspehu -otkrila je Megan kad je postala član organizacije „Smart Works“.