Sajmon Huper je ponosni otac četiri ćerke. On svojoj supruzi pomaže sa malim bliznakinjama, desetogodišnjom i sedmogodišnjom ćerkom.

Huper kao pravi otac ide u kupovinu sa svojim simpatičnim bliznakinjama, kupa ih, zabavlja starije ćerke, vežba sa njima, igra se i gotovo da nema stvari koju ne radi kako bi njihov život učinio bezbrižnim i zabavnim.

This is to the dads who work hard to play hard. To the dads who can solve any problem and fix everything, who received mugs, hand drawn pictures and @dove_men gift boxes. To the dads that are away from home or stay at home, the dads who are never too tired to play, who act as climbing frames, that build dens, teach their kids armpit farts, how to burp and bad jokes, that give the best shoulder rides and the softest hugs. To the dads that know care makes a man stronger, that being soft isn’t less manly but being firm is sometimes necessary. To the dads doing the night feeds, who can make a child laugh off their tears, who get the family to #scrumtogether when times are tough and make lasting memories for their kids. To the dads that are tired and stress but never let it show, who lead by example, who make their kids feel like they can achieve anything, the dads who provide encouragement when it’s most needed & will always offer a comforting pair of arms when things goes wrong, whatever their age. To the dads who just on with it & know that they’re loved by the people around them. HAPPY FATHERS DAY – Enjoy your day whatever you do with it. Tag a dad & share the love #fathersday #tagadad #dadappreciationsociety #wherewouldibewithoutmygirls #fod #Fatherofdaughters #dadlife #ad #instadad

Njegove urnebesne fotografije i reakcije na život sa četiri ćerke privukle su veliku pažnju ljubitelja društvene mreže Instagram.

There are seemingly so many small milestones we collect along the path of parenthood, that if you could trade them in for air miles, we’d all have a lovely free holiday to the Maldives, with enough left over to take a weekend trip to the moon and back. That said, this weekend is quite a big one – the transition from cots to big girl beds & frankly I’m an emotional cocktail that no one wants to drink – bitter sadness & scared shitless in equal measures – (If I were name this drink, it would be called ‘brown tears’). I’m Sad that the last artifacts of having babies are vanishing, but scared that, free from the constraints of their partially barred sleep zones, they’ll now wonder around like disorientated zombies whenever they feel like it, no doubt coming into our room to watch us sleep (if you’ve ever woken to a child starring at you through the darkness at 3.45am, you’ll know how is can literally make your heart flat line & have you checking your underwear for wet patches). Any tips on getting them to stay put in those first couple of days? #milestones #pleasestayput #notbabiesanymore #Fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

Sajmone, ti si tata za medalju.

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