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Haftur Julijus Bjornson (30) visok je 206 centimetara i ima otprilike 193 kilograma, dok njegova supruga, fitnes instruktorka Kelsi Henson (29) ima svega 158 centimetara i nije mu ni do ramena. Lakša je od njega čak 140 kilograma. Ali, postoji neko ko je veći i od Planine.

Oliver Ričters Foto: Instagram

Oliver Ričters visok je 218 cm i težak je 150 kilograma i dobar je prijatelj sa Bjornsonom. Poznatiji je kao i najviši bodibilder na svetu. Kad drugari stanu jedan pored drugog Oliver doslovno izgleda kao planina.

Oliver poreklom iz Nemačke rekao je za „Yahoo“ da je se još kao tinejdžer osećao kao visoka kula.

„Bilo mi je jako čudno. Bio sam mršav i na sve strane ruke i noge. Bio sam jako povučen, tih i introvertan“.

View this post on Instagram Subject: Pectus Excavatum / Sunken Chest. Please ask questions here and not in DM. Wauw 😅 The Dutch Giant mini-docu (link in bio) reached 800k views in only 5 days with a thumbs-up ratio of 98%!! One question really stood out in the comments: “what happened to your chest / how and who fixed it?“ 1 on 1000 people is born with a Pectus Excavatum. This is a condition which a person’s breastbone is sunken into the chest, leaving a dent. The cause of pectus excavatum is unknown, but it can run in a family (inherited). Most people don’t realize they have it, because the dent is not that severe and therefore doesn’t influence the person psychologically or does physical harm to organs. For me it was different. I was born with second most severe one known: 7cm deep! In the begin I found it pretty cool and unique: when lying down I could put a glass in it or food, very useful 😅. But people would stare endlessly at my chest (beaches etc.). Eventually, when I was fully grown; it also became a physical harmful condition. The heart is like a balloon. The dent pushed my heart in for 20% of its volume. As a result, while I was walking stairs I got easy out of breath while and squatting was a no go. The surgery performed on me at the age of 23 is the so-called Nuss-bar procedure. A half-cricle shaped metal bar is put under your breastbone and gets turned around; pushing the breastbone (7cm) to the front as where it should be. When this bar is kept for 2-3 years and then removed, your ribs and breastbone will stay at the corrected possition. This procedure causes immense stress on the ribs and the pain is equal to 8 broken ribs. Recovery took me longer than others, because the dent was so severe. Normally it is about 6 weeks. I was 2 months on morphine and other painkillers, mostly lying on a bed, followed by 2 months of rehabilitation: walking and swimming. After 4.5 months I was trying to push weights again in the gym, step by step. Surgeon Professor Hans Pilegaard has done miracle work on me and has over 2000 succesfull surgeries on his name. For communication with people who are interested in correction of a pectus excavatum: . A post shared by Olivier Richters (@thedutchgiant) on Dec 8, 2018 at 10:11am PST

Oliver se pre prvog odlaska u tereranu ugojio 20 kilograma i nije znao kako treba da se hrani i vežba da bi izgledao onako kako želi.

„Posle tri godine vežbanja sam prestao da dobijam na kilaži. Telo se naviklo na promene. Čitao sam na internetu o životu bodibildera i to mi je pomoglo da dobijem željenu kilažu. Trenutno imam 150. Kad se pogledam u ogledalo vidim još neke stvari koje treba da se unaprede“, rekao je Oliver.

Režim ishrane najvišeg bodibildera na svetu je poprilično zahtevan. Dnevno unosi 6.400 kalorija od toga 450 čine proteini.

Oliver je već pet godina u emotivnoj vezi i kako je rekao – ona je njegova najveća ljubav i najveći prijatelj.

View this post on Instagram „YOU ARE TOO BIG, YOU PAY DOUBLE!“ A year ago, I booked a helicopter flight in Las Vegas to go over the Grand Canyon for myself and my girlfriend. When we arrived, they told me: „you are too big, you pay double“, not even kidding while I did fit in one seat 😅. Is life more expensive as a giant? A question I get asked often and the answer is yes. The above is one of the many examples I face on a daily basis. Think about three times the amount of food (blessed with @musclemeatnl ! 💪) adjusting your home, type of car, special clothing stores, tailor made clothing, special seats (plane) etc. Don’t get the wrong idea! I very much enjoy being a giant, just a little insight in my life 😊. #thedutchgiant #bodybuilding #fitness #lasvegas A post shared by Olivier Richters (@thedutchgiant) on Jul 7, 2018 at 9:37am PDT

Bodibilder sledeće godine će biti deo filma „Kingsman“.

„Kad su mi rekli da su me izabrali za film malo sam zaplakao“, rekao je veliki čovek zvani Oliver.